Being surprised in the middle of the night, a scavenging group of bandits lay their blades upon toby. Also introducing our first guest ROBERT JONSSON the creator of the TTRPG “Leviathan” and “Bortom” who plays the small conflicted child of “Useless”. What could possibly go wrong?

What’s the aftermath of maybe initiating a war? Is the cause of the resistance something really worth risking it all for? What happens to the Kinda Group now? Find out, in this episode of DunDice!

After finally arriving at Darauwi, the Kinda Group rushed into the square behind the Twin Butchers Inn to find their beloved ones. The pressure is getting to Toby though and the presence of Magehunters is real.

The Kinda Group, adventured into the temple of the god of arcane, Azuth. Inside they found the relic they’ve been searching for, after building a makeshift sleigh they now decided that would be the easiest way down the mountainside.